Croquet Corner and Bocce

We play American Six Wicket croquet on Monday and Friday mornings, offer complimentary instruction for beginners on Wednesday mornings, and play tournaments at home and away during season. Look for us in our traditional whites.

Golf isn’t the only popular sport played at Club Pelican Bay. We have active Croquet and Bocce groups and invite you to join us.


We meet on Monday and Friday mornings from 9 to 11 a.m. for American Six Wicket Croquet under the direction of Bill Everett.

Teams are comprised of newer players and experienced players, who provide guidance regarding strategies for winning shots and “devious” methods to outsmart the opposing team.

The timed matches last 60 minutes, so promptness is important. Proper croquet attire is “Whites.” Equipment is provided by the Club.

Instruction for Beginners is offered on Wednesdays at 9 a.m. Learn grips and stances with the mallet, proper stroke execution and techniques for advancing your ball while blocking the opposing team. If Wednesday morning does not fit your schedule, please call Bill Everett at 239-216-0289.

Tournaments and Events

Inter-Club Croquet Tournaments are scheduled at various times during the season at home and away. Experienced players team with a high-handicap player to challenge the opposing club. Beverages are served for participants and spectators alike. Compete or come and cheer for your club representatives.

We also hold “Wine and Wickets” during season. These fun, friendly competitions feature afternoon play followed by cocktails and dinner at the club.

Also during season, players from neighboring croquet clubs send “their best” for a day of very high quality Exhibition Play against the best Club Pelican Bay players. By attending, you will better understand what you are aspiring to become. Courtside food and beverages are served for players and spectators alike.