Croquet Corner

Join us for COMPLIMENTARY Croquet Lessons and Play

Highlights for the 2017-2018 Season

Instruction / Practice / Play

  • Monday morning from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.
  • Friday morning from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

You will be playing American Six Wicket Croquet Rules under the direction of Bill Everett.

Teams are comprised of newer players and experienced players.  Your experienced partner will guide you through various strategies for playing croquet i.e., executing winning shots and devious methods to outsmart the opposing team.

You will be playing ‘real’ croquet limited to 60 minute games.  Promptness is important as these are timed matches.

Suitable breaks for Holiday preparation will be observed.

Instruction for Beginners

  • Wednesday morning at 9:00 am.

Novice introduction to American Six Wicket croquet starts with the game of Golf Croquet.  With an experienced partner, you will learn grips and stances with the mallet, proper stroke execution and techniques for advancing your ball while blocking the opposing team.  Equipment is provided by the Club.  Proper croquet attire is ‘Whites’. 
Please note:  If Wednesday morning does not fit your schedule, call Bill Everett, 239-216-0289 for flexible instruction time.

Hi – Lo Tournament Play
Inter-Club Croquet Tournaments are scheduled at various times during the season at home or away.  Watch for date announcements.
Experienced players team with a high-handicap player to challenge the opposing club.  Beverages are served for participants and spectators alike.  Apply to compete or come and cheer for your club representatives.

Other Special Croquet Events
‘Wine and Wickets’ -  During the Season, afternoon games, followed by cocktails and dinner at the club provide fun, friendly competitions.  Watch for announcements.

Club Pelican Bay


The Club Pelican Bay vs. Audubon Country Club





And the Rain Starts                                          Bill & Don Review the Schedule

Bob Ayer & Visiting Family                                       Bob Ayer On the 'Hunt'

Bob Bitner & Bill Everett                               Jan, Gloria, & Thelma

Group Photo                                                         Chuck, Tricia, Jan & John

Mary DePrisco Drills #2 Wicker                          Thelma & Lou DePrisco Assess the Shott



(1)  Friday Mornings. Informal instruction for new or seasonal players. Instruction / practice will be from 9:am to 11:am each Friday. Suitable breaks for Holiday preparation will be observed.


(2)  High – Low Games. Added to this year’s schedule on each and every Wednesday at 9:am. New players, or those with higher handicaps, will have an opportunity to play with a partner whose skills are championship level. Your opponents will be paired in the same manner. You will be playing with American Six Wicket Croquet Rules under the direction of Bill Everett. This will be “real” croquet and matches will be limited to 60 minutes. Your experienced partner will guide you through the various strategies for playing “winning” croquet. Not only will you and your partner employ the devious methods of winning the game, but you will be able to execute the shots that will bring home the bacon! Promptness will be as important as these will be times matches.


(3)  Exhibition Play. In January, players from neighboring Croquet Clubs will be invited to send “there best” for a day of very high quality play against the best Pelican Bay players. By attending, you will better understand what you are aspiring to become. There will be court side food and beverages for players and spectators alike. Date to be determined. We will schedule these inner-club events again in February and March.